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02 Mar 2021 - 04 Dec 2021









1. This event applies to all members of Indowin789.

2. Minimum stake (bet) 50 thousand (can bet more), 100 thousand (can bet more), 100 thousand (can bet more)

3. Parlay bill MUST be shared with the INDOWIN789 BOLA, SLOT, CASINO Facebook Group before KICK-OFF (NOT SHARE = ​​NOT AUTHORIZED) Tag Admin (#SINGLEBETINDOWIN789)

4. Especially for Football Games, REAL does not apply to Virtual e-sports and etc.

And Applies To All Providers, Only Applies To HDP & Over / Under Bets (Road Ball, Half Half (HT), Full Time (FT), Road Ball & Dead Ball).

5. Bet Types Allowed Only HDP And OVER / UNDER Outside It Is Not Valid.

6. Must Win Full and Consecutive, No One Should Win Half, Half Loss, Draw / Draw, Cancel / Rejected, Postponed or Abandoned Not Entering the Count of this Event, and the Counting Starts from the Beginning Again.

7. Win Strike streak calculations starting from the hour bet.

8. Every ID May Try Until Success, Maximum Claim 2x Within 1 Day.

9. Mandatory Win Strike Streak Cannot be interrupted. Bet other types (Parlay or other) If you want to play parlay at the same provider, please bet the parlay first, then join the WS event Or It Can Be At Another Provider.

10. This event cannot be combined with any event or promo !!!

11. This event is valid every day and the hour is reset every 11.00 WIB. Winning calculations are based on the Hours Betting is Made.

12. This event only applies to SPORTSBOOK providers (SBOBET and IBCBET) and single bets only.

12. This event only applies to SPORTSBOOK providers (SBOBET and IBCBET) and single bet only.

ODDS Terms:

a. Minimum Odds Hong Kong (HK) / Malaysia (MY): 0.85

b. Maximum Odds Indo: -1.10

13. Does not apply if there is a match that is Half Win (Win Half), Lose Half (Lose Half), Draw, Cancel, Postponed or Abandoned.

14. The victory of each match must be WIN FULL and in sequence at one of the Sportsbook providers (SBOBET and IBCBET).

15. Team EQUALITY in betting is not allowed.

16. To claim the prize is not allowed there is a match that is Walking, Outstanding Bet or Running Bet and it is mandatory to contact CS via Livechat.

17. If any cheating is indicated then it will be immediately canceled.

18. Terms and conditions of the Promotion may change from time to time without notice.

19. Event Special player or Indonesian IP, does not apply to foreign IP, if it violates the event prize will burn.

20. All INDOWIN789 Decisions are Absolute and can not be disturbed. !!!

NB: When WS First Uses HK Odds, Then Next Must Use Hk Odds. On the other hand If WS First Uses Indo Odds, Then Ws Should Use All Indo Odds.


 Examples of Invalid Win Strike:

Match 1 WIN

Match Ke 2 WIN

Match 3 WIN

Match Ke 4 WIN

Match Ke 5 WIN

Match 6 Cancel, Lose, Draw, And Postponed or Abandoned


Match Ke 7 Win Full wants to be claimed, then it will be considered invalid and must be restarted from the beginning.

 Examples of Valid Win Strike:

Match 1 WIN FULL

Match Ke 2 WIN FULL

Match 3 WIN FULL

Match Ke 4 WIN FULL

Match 5 WIN FULL

6th Match WIN FULL (Will Be Valid If CLAIMED When Match 6 Is FT)

(If the 6th Match is Full Win But Not CLAIMED, then play the 7th Match Cancel, Lose, Draw, and FTD.

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